Beer - it's where Hop Yard started!

Before we had a bar, or invited any bands over to entertain you all, we were making beer. Everything we've become at Hop Yard is founded on beer and it will always be part of what we do.

Our first beer was a really strong IPA loosely based on Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (because it's awesome) that didn't taste as strong as it was, so it kept getting everyone trashed. It was a good time, but we had to rein it in a bit! After a few more iterations we released our Golden Ale in casks. People loved that, and it launched the Hop Yard bar, but it was always supposed to be a bit more punchy. We re-imagined the Golden Ale as a keg beer, and Hop Yard Pale was born!

Hop Yard Pale is a session-able 5% Pale Ale. It's easy to drink, and has a nice savoury finish. It starts off with citrus on the nose, then you get a bigger orange and grapefruit hit when you taste it which mellows out to a pint and wood finish. There's a touch of bitterness to balance the top notes which makes it very drinkable, people will keep coming back for more Hop Yard Pale Ale!